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December 2, 2018 Josef Albers Mini Quilt

Today’s quilt is a modern quilt based on the artwork “Homage to the Square: Stepped Foliage, 1963” by Josef Albers (1880-1976). I love Mark Rothko paintings but I thought that Albers would be a better piece to recreate. I have changed the colors as well. I thought a Christmas mix of red and green for December might be more fun.

Josef Albers Mini Quilt

The quilt is made from linen, lined with linen and backed with linen. I’ve wanted to work with alternative materials and I came across a vendor who was sponsoring a contest for linen so I decided to play with linen as a material. I spent entirely too much time on this mini. I decided to enter my linen dress instead (more on that below). In the end, it was pretty silly to try to make a quilt out linen. The edges are perpetually wonky!

The finished size for this quilt is 8 ½” high x 8” side. The recipe is as follows:

  • The center square is 4” each side (unfinished).
  • The bottom rows are ¾” wide (unfinished).
  • The side rows are 1 ¼” wide (unfinished).
  • The top rows are 1 ¾” wide (unfinished).

I’m not going to list a specific length because you’ll always want to make your strips a little longer then they should be if you’re making this out of linen. Linen stretches like crazy and you must square up with every added row. My advice for sewing with linen is Don’t Sew with Linen!

You can see my notes below.

Albers Working Notes with my first experiment included

But getting back to that dress I entered…here’s the link to the contest so you can see what I wore. It’s based on a historic drawing from the 16th century. And this is all linen, including the lining. I didn’t keep track of all the hours I spent on this dress. Suffice it to say it was a lot. My linen dress entry.
I decided it was way more impressive in a contest than a modem mini quilt.

The next time I make one of these, it will be out of cotton.


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